LA 2941 Exposition Blvd X by Lisette Schumacher

LA 2941 Exposition Blvd X by Lisette Schumacher


By Lisette Schumacher
30,5 x 23 cm, 2019

Acrylic on panel

From the series Los Angeles 2941 Exposition Boulevard

During her trip in Los Angeles Lisette created this series leading up to my collaborative exhibition in the Torrance Art Museum. She paid a visit to the St. Basil church, located on Wilshire Boulevard, in the Wilshire district. It was built between 1967-69. This church is a fascinating structure in the Brutalist style. Built with 12 angular vertical towers made from rough texture concrete and separated by irregular shafts of stained glass. The three-dimensional colored glass windows showed gradients of yellow, and combinations of green and reddish pink colors. At some spots the glass shafts fell into the shades of the concrete towers, turning dark, obscuring the vivid colors.
Wanting to depict the vibrance of the stained glass panels enforced by the the California sun, Lisette experimented with new colors and types of paint to create these works. She worked in a studio made available to me by fellow artist Carl Baratta from Tiger Strikes Asteroid in Culver City - Los Angeles.

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