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A unique performance night in the gallery of Assembled by Root. 

On Thursday night the 10th of January 2019, a special performance night will take place in the gallery of Assembled by Root. There will be a stage provided for a selection of talented artists. A night which shows the diversity within performance art, in an informal setting with a substantive program.

All participating artists will have been working on the development of their performance, as an expansion of their existing work. Artists from whom you wouldn’t expect a performance, or artists who show a whole new direction in their performances. This night shows the result of four masterclasses, given by various professionals to a small selection of artists. These masterclasses provide artistic and practical entrepreneurial tools in the unique work field of performance art.

Are you an artist and is performance art a new development or reinforcement of your artistic practice? Do you live in the region of Rotterdam/The Hague? Have you graduated in 2008 or after from an art-related study? Are you ambitious and available during the workshop dates, and interested in a process-oriented course of several weeks? Send an email to with the following information: A short biography and motivation letter with a proposal containing what you would like to develop during the masterclasses (max 1 A4); link to your website; and 5 – 8 images/videos (photos max 1 MB, videos max 1 min). Workshops will be in Dutch.

Workshop dates: 

Monday November 12th – 19:00 ‘till 21:30 – Josephine Baan

Monday November 19th – 19:00 ‘till 21:30 – Josephine Baan

Monday November 26th – 19:00 ‘till 21:30 – Donald Schenkel

Monday December 3rd – 19:00 ‘till 21:30 – Sophie de Vos

Deadline is the 5th of November 2018. Participation in the masterclasses and performance night is free of admission, therefore we expect effort and enthusiasm in return. You are responsible for any possible costs for your own performance during the performance night.

Yvonne de Jong