Crisis In The Study Room | Solo Philine van den Hul


A solo exhibition by Philine van den Hul about the chaos that comes within the search of personal identity, being an artist and feeling the urge to unleash creativity constantly.

Van den Hul's artistic quest began with the most elementary, intuitive and all-encompassing form element: the line. Her lines began to enter the room contemptuously to shape the most graceful but alienating floor and wall sculptures. She lets shapes depart the surface and makes lines travel through the environment. A richness of layers is reduced to a visual in order to allocate a deeper meaning to the superficial. Fabric is transformed into a landscape and a landscape is captured in an image.

Philine’s works of art function as inter-dimensional portals. By breaking down the border between the flat and the spatial, she explores the possibility to perceive outside of dimensions. If shadows are merely traces of objects and beings, what will our visual world be a reflection of?

On the contrast she is searching for romance using her photographic and stylistic eye. The all-encompassing nature of existence may manifest itself even more clearly in her photography. She pours a surreal sauce on the top of the already visible in the same way as she draws line ornaments in a room.

You’re most welcome to the opening on the 15th of November from 19:00 until 21:30 in the gallery of Assembled by Root. After the opening the exhibition will still be on show until the 22nd of December.

View all artworks in the exhibition.