Captured In Form

We felt it was time to present some talented guest-artists during the first exhibition of 2019.

We’ll start this year with new faces and new artworks. From the 6th of January until the 16th of February we present Captured In Form, a group exhibition with artworks by guest-artists Roland Spitzer, Vincent Uilenbroek and Marina Heuvelman. Together with the artworks of Jan Kuhlemeier, who’s already represented by Root. These artists are guided in their creative process by the material they work with, the forms and residual forms that they come across in their research. A vibrant combination of sculptures, paintings and installations. 

In the work of Vincent Uilenbroek are subordinate traces from his studio places within a new context. The hierarchy is distorted. By integrating frames around the shapes he revalues the residual shapes. The essence of the artworks of Uilenbroek evolve around the proces of painting and everything around it. 

Roland Spitzer observes the human perception as a flow, a flow in which people crawl and constantly orient themselves to existing forms. In his work Spitzer tries to frieze this flow, so that a moment of stagnation and reflection occurs. Through research of form and context, he portrays the contrast between existing frames of reference and unknown shapes. The artworks of Spitzer are in motion. The work itself represent a state of transition, where the form fades and the viewer is confronted with something unknown. 

The work of Jan Kuhlemeier originate from his fascination for the moment of blending into a landscape and be a part of the energy that happens constantly, day in day out. This energy repeats itself over and over again, constantly shaping and changing the environment. This continuous cycle has a pattern but yet it is different every time. 

Marina Heuvelman believes that everyone has their own expression of spirituality. This could be in the shape of religion, meditation, science or art. People have the desire to explore the unknown, to find or believe in something greater than themselves, to feel enlightened and or uplifted. Heuvelman finds this feeling when she finished an artwork. In the studio she generates the ingredients. The moment the work is assembled it is free and becomes something elusive. The scale of the work for Heuvelman is important for its physical symbolism. Something she has made with her physical reach becomes larger than herself. 

We hope to welcome you during the opening on the 6th of January 2019 from 15:30 until 18:30. After the opening the artworks will still be on show until the 16th of February. The gallery is open from Wednesday until Friday from 12:00 until 18:00 and Saturday from 12:00 until 17:00. Other days, you’re also welcome by appointment. For more information about the exhibition, please send an email to

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