When The Dust Has Settled


You're most welcome to the opening of When The Dust Has Settled, on March 14 from 17.00 until 19:00 at Sint-Jobsweg 30 in Rotterdam, presenting the artworks by Root artists Sophie de Vos and Philine van den Hul, combined with artworks by Roland Spitzer and Isaac Monté.

The fine art photography by Sophie de Vos shows the human body in all its vulnerability as it is touched by time. A site-specific artwork by Philine van den Hul enters into a relationship with the building through the play of light between wire and architecture. The sculptures by Roland Spitzer and Isaac Monté deal with material and light in new ways, turning our assumptions upside down.

The St Job office building by MILLTEN Rotterdam focusses on creative industries and is dedicated to showing emerging Rotterdam artists. This newest exhibition is held at the characteristic St. Job building (Sint-Jobsweg 30, Rotterdam) in collaboration with Yvonne de Jong and Donald Schenkel and is on view until August 30 2019.

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