Face Value


On the 11th of September the newest exhibition with artworks by Jan Kuhlemeier will open. This group show explores the rules for painting as we all know them and plays with these rules. The featured artists consciously question how paintings bring into being a sense of meaning and value. All of them create artworks that demand a closer look. Their work calls into question fundamental elements of paintings such as the canvas, the frame, but also the painting itself as an object; as an ‘isolated’ thing. Almost all of the materials used by these artists originate form toy shops and hardware stores, as opposed to traditional art and paint stores.

Besides the work of Jan, there will be also work of Zhixin Liao (CN) and Pernille Pedersen (DE) on show. Once trained as a classic painter, Zhixin Liao now creates artwork made of stucco and PUR foam. He imprints these materials with the textures of canvas, questioning what really constitutes a painting. Jan Kuhlemeier’s art is driven by his personal experience of ocean landscapes, which he expresses in paintings made of raw pigments mixed with silicone or wall filler. Pernille Pedersen questions consumer valueswith a sense of humour and attitude by creating sculptures with rare children’s toys and paintings with brightly coloured puffy paint.

You are most welcome to join us for the opening reception on Wednesday, the 11th of September, from 17:00 until 19:00 at the St Jobsweg 30 in Rotterdam. After the opening the exhibition runs for six months.

Yvonne de Jong