Traces by Saïd Kinos

During the last few months Saïd Kinos worked on his first three-dimensional public artwork. His project Traces is now part of the Zwaanshalskwartier area in Rotterdam North.

Said Kinos’ work expresses a fascination for the way people communicate with each other. Communication through language, symbols and (social) media is one of the main sources of inspiration for his work. Through a background in graffiti and a bachelor degree in Graphic Design, Saïd developed a strong passion for typography and other visual forms of communication. 
His work is recognizable through high contrast, often black and white, and the use of distorted typography. Because of this, a certain level of visual overkill is brought to the viewer. In this overkill Saïd finds a metaphor for the amount of information we have to process on a daily basis.

The Zwaanshalskwartier is the area between Zaagmolenkade, Zaagmolendrift, Zwaanshals and Noordplein. An area which has been changing a lot during the last few years. After large-scale renovations the area became a place for vintage stores, biologic restaurants and galleries. According to some people a good change in the neighborhood, for other people one another form of gentrification. These changes in the area were the inspiration for artist Saïd Kinos, who also lives in the Zwaanshalskwartier. Commissioned by the retailers association he created three benches. Traces is made from materials of the residents and entrepreneurs who recently left the area; Saïd used the furniture and other materials offered as trash on the streets. The three benches symbolize the constant change in the neighborhood.

This project is made possible by Stichting Volkskracht, Stichting Zwaanshalskwartier, CBK Rotterdam en Gemeente Rotterdam.