“The White Mirror”

On the 10th of October we will open the solo exhibition The White Mirror by Donald Schenkel from 19:00 until 21:30 in our gallery. The White Mirror is an exhibition as much as an act of reflection. In this solo exhibition Donald Schenkel presents an overview of the different directions his artworks take by reviewing his fascination for oil paint in connection to its materiality and further exploring the potential of glass, mirrors and perspex. Read more here.

Artist Sophie de Vos - A Distant Touch photo - 35 x 50 - edition 7

To the outside world Root looks like a traditional gallery model with a new exhibition every six weeks, represents a small group of artists, participates in annual art fairs; and organizes regular studio visits and brunches for the clientele. The gallery can also be found online where the artists’ work can be purchased so that those outside of Rotterdam can engage with the work without necessarily traveling to the physical space. Despite these commercial gallery strategies, Root extends beyond these traditional boundaries and into the sphere of the artist collective, primarily focusing on the transparency and collaboration within the artistic community.

From the beginning, Root has been built on collaboration and transparency as core values. By facilitating continual communication with artists, collectors and visitors, Root helps clarify the relationship between the public and contemporary art market, elucidating any misgivings connected to contemporary art by including as many people through various events and classes. It is Root’s belief that if you educate as many as possible you in turn build a  greater understanding within the community at large.

Opening hours
Wednesday - Friday | 12:00 - 18:00
Saturday | 12:00 - 17:00