First solo show Donald Schenkel in China

Until the 8th of June the first solo exhibition in China by Donald Schenkel is on show at ART23 in Guangzhou. In this exhibition can be discovered how colours behave when interacting with each other. Donald has selected this theme for his debut ART23 exhibition so that his lucid oil paintings can present the viewer with a novel and innovative visual experience. By immersing yourself in the space created by the colours, and in sensing the textures of the paint, his work will lead you to feelings of peace and mindfulness.

Donald’s work is an exploration in the behaviour of colour. He uses the gradients between colours as a tool to uncover the characteristics of the oil paint such as translucency and viscosity, and the way some colours blend easily while others resist. Due to our evolutionary sense of perception, darker colours feel like they recede into the faraway distance, while lighter colours feel as if they move towards us; by skilfully manipulating these behaviours, Donald’s paintings express their own unique depths and spaces.

The works in this exhibition also present something of a turning point for Donald. While his work up to this point has explored the transitions between strongly contrasting colours, these new paintings experiment with the possibilities of lighter colours, and the search for new ways to express depth with these. In doing so, they capture a warmth and subtlety that guides the viewer toward a wide range of emotions.

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