Lost In Thought (Solo Saïd Kinos)


We're proud to present the solo show by Saïd Kinos Lost In Thought. During the last few years his work expressed a fascination for the way people communicate with each other. Communication through language, symbols and (social) media was one of the main sources of inspiration for his work. For his solo show Lost In Thought, Saïd is now inspired by the way he’s communicating with himself.

We hope to welcome you at the opening on the 31st of August from 18:00 until 21:00.

Since a few months Saïd has become more interested in the way he is communicating with himself. The dialog every person has with him- or herself from the moment they wake up, became the inspiration for his solo exhibition. The self talk, both positive and negative, often determines how we move through life. We identify with our thoughts and we think that we are the thinker of our thoughts. Learning to observe our minds objectively quickly shows us that this might not be the case. What is a thought? Is there such a thing as Free Will? Is the Self an illusion? These are questions that fascinates Saïd, and he tries to incorporate this into his work.

After the opening the exhibition will be on show until the 5th of October. The opening of de solo show is also part of the Gallery Crawl #7.

Yvonne de Jong